Friday, February 22, 2013


Since I'm addicted to Mass Effect atm and because I'm a "one turian kind of woman" I had to draw Garrus and my Shep.
The scene want to draw is how it would look if Garrus came back to the Citadel and found her..
Trying to become better at values too :P
I don't think it looks like Garrus atm :( Need to work a bit to get the right face and expression :/
(WIP) oldest first

update: not sure if it's becoming better or worse..


update: got him to look more sad, and fixed Sheps ear and hair a bit :)

hmm, was it better with a light BG?

minor changes in Sheps face, and bg- want her lashes to be visible and to get more contrast around Garrus

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lava cavern

Drawing a dwarven-lava-cavern for a gnomon contest :)
hmm was it better without the fires...
I think it was

Across the sea

Across the sea
Just finished Mass Effect 3 a day ago, cried through the whole ending! It was so sad, but contrary to many I really liked the ending (maybe that's because I had the extended cut :p ) Also I prefer tragic, sad endings to happy ones.
Anyways I got urges to draw Mass Effect stuff now! Got inspired by this awesome pic so I decided to try it for myself!
Took a pic of myself and then I just had fun in PS ^^
So here is me drell-ified :p (Still WIP)

and with textures..